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Here at Jikka Ltd, we pride ourselves on the high standard of our work, providing stunning bathrooms for your home. Our team works every day by putting our values at the forefront of our services, maintaining our excellent reputation within our customers’ homes. To enquire with us about our breath-taking bathrooms, all you have to do is call 07878 785 345.

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To transform your home with a sparkling new bathroom, you might be wondering who to call. That’s us at Jikka Ltd. Contact us on 07878 785 345, email jikkaltd@gmail.com, or complete our contact form and we will respond shortly.

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An unwaveringly high standard of work

One of our biggest focuses is the standard of our work. Our installations are always of the highest quality, as we focus on attention to detail at all times. This results in home bathrooms that you can rely upon to last whilst looking stunning and top of the line. We go the extra mile to achieve brilliance in your home.

Versatile, comprehensive services

Our services are versatile and comprehensive. As well as providing the seamless installation of your bathroom, we can handle the entire plumbing and decorating process. This saves you from having to hire multiple companies, as we can do it all to the highest quality.

Attentive communication

Within our team, we are always so attentive when it comes to communication with our customers. Our response times are very fast, meaning you will never be left wanting for information regarding your home and project. If there’s ever anything you need, feel free to get in touch with our team – we’re here for you.

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To experience what our team could offer you, all you have to do is get in touch. We can transform your bathroom space. Call 07878 785 345 or email jikkaltd@gmail.com.

What can we provide you with?

For your bathroom space to become the room you’ve always dreamed of, all you will need is our team. We can provide all the services you require, including:

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Let’s start the process of designing and creating your ideal bathroom. Get in touch on 07878 785 345 or email jikkaltd@gmail.com.