Underfloor Heating: Detailed Insights into Compatibility, Flooring Options, Installation…

Picture this: Waking up on a chilly London morning, but instead of cold floors underfoot, you’re greeted by a warmth that spreads from the ground up. That’s the magic of underfloor heating! Did you know that in the UK, the adoption of underfloor heating has seen a 20% rise in the last year alone? (Source: UK Home Improvement Trends, 2022). This explains the apparent need for underfloor heating and the fact that Londoners are starting to realise it already! In this guide, we’ll help you understand what underfloor heating is, what are its benefits, how it can be installed, and finally, how compatible it is with various flooring coverings and materials.

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Underfloor heating: What it is and why do Londoners love it?

Underfloor heating, a pinnacle of modern heating sophistication, epitomises the convergence of comfort and efficiency. This innovative system involves the installation of heating elements beneath the flooring, transforming your living spaces into a haven of consistent, radiant warmth.

Unlike conventional heating methods, which rely on the circulation of hot air, underfloor heating brings forth an experience where every step is embraced by gentle and even heat emanating from the floor itself. That said, let us see why homeowners in London are increasingly opting for this latest heating method for their homes.

1. Consistent temperature

Underfloor heating ensures a consistent temperature throughout your home. Say goodbye to the days of tiptoeing around cold spots; every inch of your space is treated to a soothing, even warmth.

2. Design freedom

Radiators can cramp your style, quite literally. With underfloor heating, reclaim your design freedom. Arrange furniture without the constraint of radiator placement and let your interior aspirations soar.

3. Dust-free

London’s bustling streets bring their fair share of dust. Underfloor heating minimises the circulation of dust, providing relief to allergy sufferers and maintaining a cleaner, healthier living environment.

4. Energy efficiency

NICEIC-approved contractors at Jikka Ltd ensure not just a smooth installation but also an eco-friendly upgrade. Underfloor heating often operates at lower temperatures, offering the same warmth as traditional systems with reduced energy consumption.

5. No awkward sounds

No more creaks, clangs, or hisses; underfloor heating operates silently. Experience the serene comfort of a home warmed without the audible reminders of traditional heating systems.

6. Versatility in flooring

From the luxurious embrace of hardwood to the practicality of tiles, underfloor heating plays well with various flooring materials. Even carpets, once deemed incompatible, now coexist harmoniously.

7. Increased property value

Installing underfloor heating isn’t just an investment in comfort; it’s an investment in your property. The allure of this modern heating solution can enhance the value of your home, a tempting prospect for London’s discerning homeowners.

Understanding the installation process of underfloor heating

Our expert builders and Gas Safe registered heating engineers are here to guide you through this transformative process, ensuring a seamless integration of comfort and efficiency into your London home.

1. Planning precision

The journey begins with meticulous planning. Our experts assess your space, considering factors such as room size, insulation, and the type of flooring. This detailed planning lays the foundation for an installation tailored to your specific needs.

2. Selecting the right system

Underfloor heating systems come in two primary types: electric and water-based (hydronic). The choice depends on your preferences, budget, and the characteristics of your home. Our professionals assist you in selecting the most suitable system for optimal efficiency.

3. Laying the foundation

With the plan in place, the installation team commences the groundwork. For electric systems, heating mats or cables are strategically laid out across the subfloor. In water-based systems, a network of pipes is installed, ready to circulate warm water beneath the surface.

4. Connection to power or boiler

Electric systems connect to your electrical supply, whilst water-based systems link to your boiler. This step requires precision to ensure a reliable power source or water circulation, the lifeblood of your underfloor heating system.

5. Thermal insulation

To maximise efficiency, thermal insulation is added beneath the heating elements. This ensures that the warmth generated is directed upwards, preventing unnecessary heat loss and optimising energy consumption.

6. Flooring compatibility check

Before the final layer of flooring is installed, our experts conduct a thorough check to ensure compatibility. This step is crucial, as it guarantees that your chosen flooring material complements the underfloor heating system, maximising both performance and aesthetics.

7. Testing and commissioning

Once the installation is complete, rigorous testing ensues. Our team ensures that each component operates seamlessly, guaranteeing that your underfloor heating system is ready to deliver the desired level of comfort.

8. Client handover and guidance

Finally, our team provides you with comprehensive guidance. We walk you through the operation of the system, offering insights into maintenance and ensuring you’re poised to enjoy the warmth of your newly installed underfloor heating.

The compatibility of underfloor heating with different flooring materials

Choosing the right flooring for your underfloor heating system is akin to selecting the perfect melody for a symphony; it sets the tone for comfort and aesthetics. Let’s explore the harmonious compatibility of underfloor heating with various flooring materials, ensuring that every step you take in your London home is met with warmth and style.

1. Luxurious hardwood

Compatibility rating: Excellent.
Hardwood floors resonate with elegance, and the good news is they’re excellent companions for underfloor heating. The even heat distribution ensures your hardwood flooring remains stable, avoiding the issues of warping or cracking.

2. Practical tiles

Compatibility rating: Outstanding.
Tiles are exceptional conductors of heat, making them a top choice for underfloor heating. Not only do they retain warmth effectively, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your spaces. Say goodbye to chilly bathroom tiles!

3. Carpet comfort

Compatibility rating: Varies.
The compatibility of carpets with underfloor heating has improved significantly. Opt for low thermal resistance carpets to ensure efficient heat transfer. It’s the perfect blend of cosy comfort and toasty warmth.

4. Modern laminate

Compatibility rating: Good.
Laminate flooring, with its multi-layered construction, provides good compatibility with underfloor heating. It’s a cost-effective choice that brings both style and warmth to your home.

5. Sleek polished concrete

Compatibility rating: Excellent.
Embrace an industrial-chic vibe with polished concrete. Not only is it visually striking, but it also excels in conducting and retaining heat, making it an excellent match for underfloor heating.

6. Classic engineered wood

Compatibility rating: Excellent.
Engineered wood strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its layered structure enhances stability, making it an excellent choice for underfloor heating. Enjoy the timeless appeal of wood without compromising on warmth.

7. Vinyl versatility

Compatibility rating: Very good.
Vinyl flooring, available in various styles and patterns, offers very good compatibility with underfloor heating. It’s a versatile choice that adds a modern touch to your spaces.

Choosing the most suitable floor covering for underfloor heating

To create a symphony of warmth and style, consider the function of each room, your design preferences, and the efficiency of your underfloor heating system. The latest trend sees Londoners embracing sleek, polished finishes and the timeless allure of engineered wood for a perfect pairing of form and function.

Let our plumbing and heating specialists at Jikka Ltd help you make the choice. We’ll work with a personalised approach and help you choose the right floor covering that will match your interior and architectural styles whilst also offering the utmost heating efficiency.


As you embark on the underfloor heating journey, remember that it will be a perfect blend of warmth and style for your London home. Your home will not just be heated but truly inviting for one and all. From installation ease to diverse flooring options, underfloor heating is a London trend that’s here to stay. Ready to make your home cosier and more stylish than ever? Let’s get those floors heated!

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