A family bathroom remodel

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A family bathroom remodel

For one of our projects, we were asked to carry out a full renovation for a family bathroom. This was an important project, as the completion would allow them to fully use their space to the maximum. We conducted a variety of works to allow our clients to be proud of their new bathroom space, and the finished product looked beautiful within their home.

What was the brief?

Our client requested a full remodel in their home’s main bathroom, allowing them to make the most of the space. This included a layout change with the bathroom fittings and fixtures moving around the space. It was a small room, and so there was a lot of design work needed to find the best layout solution for the dimensions, and for the best ergonomics that would suit the room.

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What work did we carry out in our client’s home?

In our client’s home, we conducted the following works to make their bathroom into a space that suited their requirements and exuded style that they were proud of:

  • A full remodel of the layout of the bathroom, changing the location of the toilet, sink and shower.
  • Installing underfloor heating for the homeowner’s comfort.
  • Installing a wet floor with a shower tray, for a stylistic effect and maximum space usage.
  • Renovating all walls and floors to ensure the new design and style was in line with their requirements.

What were the challenges we faced during this project?

During the process of this three-week project, we faced a slight challenge in the wet floor. Due to the smaller size of the room, the wet floor was quick to fill up with water, meaning that drainage could become an issue. To negate this, we experimented a lot with the angle of the tiles on the floor of the shower. Creating a steeper angle allowed the water to drain into the plug at a quicker rate, reducing the risk of the water overflowing.

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