A sleek bathroom transformation

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A sleek bathroom transformation

For our client’s home, we created a gorgeous, sophisticated bathroom complete with mosaic tiles and gorgeous flooring. Our client was more than happy with the outcome of their stunning bathroom, revelling in the haven that we created in their home. As a complete renovation, there was a lot that went into the project and we produced some of our best work.

What was the brief we received?

We were asked to create a beautiful bathroom space, with the inclusion of marble and tiles. We were asked to install brand new fixtures and fittings, in line with our client’s stylistic choices. The style that our client was looking for was the height of sophistication, with sleek fixtures, gorgeous tiles and bathroom fittings that tied in the old with the new. We were proud to provide our client with what they were looking for.

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What work did we carry out in the client’s home?

We carried out a variety of works in our client’s home. Providing a complete service for our clients ensures that they are able to rely on us for every aspect of their renovation. Our works included:

  • The renovation of new walls
  • The installation of stylish, waterproof flooring
  • Sourcing and installing brand new bathroom fixtures in line with their stylistic vision
  • The installation of brand new electrical works and plumbing works
  • The entire decoration of the space, including plastering, rendering, painting and tiling
  • The installation of mosaic tiles in an intricate pattern
  • Applying the finishing touches to the space

What were the challenges we faced during this project?

The main challenge that we faced during our client’s project was the delivery time of the marble that we were using within the bathroom. The delivery time of this material kept getting pushed back, meaning that the estimated completion date for the project wasn’t able to be confirmed. To progress the project, we completed all elements that we could before the marble needed to be installed, meaning that as little time as possible was wasted in the project. This meant that we were able to complete our client’s bathroom in a reasonable time, despite the delay in the marble delivery.

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