Working with architects on a new build

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Working with architects on a new build

For one of our past projects, we had the exciting opportunity to work with architects on a new build home. It was for the family bathroom, including a shower, bath, large sink, and toilet. Communication was required with the architect to ensure we could bring their designs to life, and we loved the creativity within this project. The family that moved into this home loved the bathroom, and we were so happy with how it turned out.

What was our brief?

As we were working with architects for this project, the brief was supported by professional designs that we could use to plan our project. This was an extension in a new build property, and they wanted to create a beautiful family bathroom. We were provided with the designs, which included excellent style and design ideas, such as sink with double taps, and entirely tiled wall and sink, and the restoration of an old bath. There were any elements that we would need to take into account, and this posed a welcome challenge to our team.

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What work did we carry out in this new build?

This project was a great opportunity for us to flex our creativity and complete an entire bathroom renovation where we were challenged and pushed. This project required so much planning and design consideration, and we were proud of all the comprehensive work we provided.

  • The creation of a round window.
  • Installing an old bath that we had re-enamelled by a reputable company.
  • Calculated the exact dimensions of the tiles that would be on the walls and sink, as they couldn’t be cut. These dimensions therefore had to be exact in order to fit seamlessly into the corners.
  • The creation of a tiled sink. This included a plywood base, waterproofing the structure and installing the tiles on top to produce a gorgeous statement piece. We included a double tap feature within the sink.
  • We provided and laid mosaic floor tiles to add to the space.

What were the challenges we faced during the process of this project?

Our main challenge during this project was the glass shower door. The creative design had the glass door disappearing into the ceiling and the floor seamlessly, which meant that we had to find a way to achieve this logistically. We came to the conclusion that we would have to slightly damage the ceiling in order to fit the glass door of the shower, and then retroactively complete the decoration of the ceiling in order to create a seamless effect. This prioritisation of tasks is what we excel in, and we created a gorgeous shower that the clients were more than happy with.

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